Do you BILLieve in weekends?

Hola.  Me llamo Esteban.

This past weekend I had the special opportunity to watch my beloved Buffalo Bills face off against the New York Football Giants in person at the newly coined MetLife Stadium.  Even though the Bills have been declared by the media as the darlings of the league, you won’t see much excitement from Trent Dilfer.  Its true, everyone is drooling to shower gifts on Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford If He’s Healthy (thanks Bill Simmons, totally correct) because the Bills have no marque names on the roster.  Even Fred Jackson has been suffering in major star recognition since he’s been languishing in the third to fifth round of fantasy drafts for the last 5 years.

Entering the L section of the MetLife parking lot didn’t disappoint.  Giants fans were numerous, boisterous, and ready for battle.  I was able to share the secretive nod and wink towards fellow fans bravely wearing Buffalo jerseys, though try as I might I couldn’t spot any matching “Beast Mode” versions.  After many Ocktoberfest style beers in the parking lot, it was time to take myself and my three elderly companions to our (club) seats.

What a rush to see the Bills trot onto the field with zero cheers donning the best looking jerseys in the National Football League!  Chandler catching warm-ups from Thigpen, Moorman kicking 60 yard boots, everything was great.  Then the game started.

Coming off of a tough loss to the Whitehearst led Seahawks, I knew Eli “82% of single sports ladies want to marry me” Manning and co. would be on the top of their game.  It showed.  In typical fashion, the Bills couldn’t stop anybody.  Yes, the run game has improved to the point where there are two or three bodies around the ball carrier at all times, but they still can’t make key stops, especially when an medium sized running back in Bradshaw is on the one yard line.  Football is a game of mistakes and capitalizing on them, and that’s exactly what Fast Freddy did with an 80 yard gain straight outta NOWHERE, and UB alum Naaman Roosevelt with a 60 yard touchdown play in his only reception.  If not for those plays however, the margin of victory for the G-Men would be much greater.  From there, the two teams basically played even, and Eli impressed me in ways I could never tell by just watching from home on Lawrence.  Game ended up being decided on two VERY underthrown passes by Fitz for interceptions.

It’s unfortunate to enter a bye week for a loss, but there’s a pretty legitimate chance that the Bills could finish with 10 wins if they fare well against the hated Jets.  If they can split that series and win the games they are supposed to (Redskins, Broncos, Dolphins, etc.) it could set up a crucial game against a Patriot team that “might” be resting their starters.  Is this even fathomable, or will the Carson Palmer led Raiders steal the playoff hopes of millions?

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