Hot Musician of the Week: JoAnn Vaccaro

This is the first of a series of Wednesday posts highlighting an alluring female musical artist.  Expect the unexpected, as some of these ladies may be largely unknown to the flash media masses.

Estoy muy emocionado por this new special section of, as I am a huge fan of ladies live in concert.  The special feeling of “whoa, who is THAT(talented woman on stage in a culture predominantly dominated by dudes) and what is she doing (it’s blowing my mind!!)?” was first arisen by, coincidentally, the first subject of this hopefully long running column.

It was a cool Rochester day in Otoño as a newbie sophmore in college when I went to the Water Street Music Hall for an all day reggae/folk extravaganza headlined by the Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad.  (which effing RULED by the way, check them out if you fancy yourself a “Bob Marley” fan.  Actually don’t, your cranium would probably explode)  A few delicious Genny Cream Ales in, I noticed some funky noises entering my inner eardrum.  They were a band called Hypnotic Clambake. (Sluker, you might have seen them play before Phish at some point in the past, that is if you were conscious)  As I turned to fully interpret these magical tunes and forever internalize them, my gaze was caught by a straight up folk nymph, destined to turn the hearts and eyes of every single (and maybe taken) male on Water Street.  What made my mouth gape open was not her plaid skirt and high socks, (definitely a plus) nor her poor man’s Alanis Morissette facial features, but the fact that she was playing the FUCKING KAZOO.  I’ve never seen anyone play the kazoo in public to this day (besides New Year’s Eve) and wouldn’t bet that I ever will.

-The following video is not from that show, but its purpose is to give you an idea of how she oozes the vibe, and steals all the thunder from those nerdy white Rastafarians.

Before continuing, lets be clear:  Tengo una mujer hermosa y ella es mi corazón.  I am merely appreciating the beauty of a lady on display in a musical setting, which is usually far removed from VH1, MTV, People and US Magazine, and all the other airbrushed, reality altering “women” and their promoters that are currently poisoning all existing Y chromosomes.  Editors note: Esteban will probably feature one or more of the aforementioned ladies in a future Wednesday edition.

That night, she not only rocked the wind out of the kazoo, but she annihilated the keyboard, electric AND acoustic guitars, and her washboard work was a thing of beauty.  For all you hipster Adele fans, she also plays the guitar and sings by herself, if that kinda thing floats your boat.  She was the first, and probably will be the only one of this column who TRULY is deserving of admiration, since she’d scoff any such attention and continue the losing battle of captivating audiences by way of folk music.  If anything, take a minute or three out of your day and give her a listen. (or a look-see)

Just keep on strummin'.

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  1. Hypnotic Clambake plays sticky lips BBQ on thurs, January 5th at.
    9pm in Henrietta… Electric guitar, scrubs, harmonica, wazoo and more!

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