The Rocketeer Drinking Game

The Rocketeer

Looking good, you handsome mother f*cker.

Anybody remember this gem of a flick?  Disney really put out a winner here.  In fact, I think the only reason my parents bought this film was the Walt Disney Studios pedigree.  “The Rocketeer” provided a lot of great educational info for me at an early age.

I first learned about Nahtzies and how evil they were.

Chicks REALLY don’t like it when you hide the truth from them, even if it was just to protect them.

Having a daredevil attitude can really get you places.

The REAL reason why the Hindenburg disaster occurred.

Anywho, my dear brother and I came up with these rules during the opening credits, with music accompanied by the incredible James Horner, one of the best composers of all time.  If you can still locate this movie 21 years after release, you’ll have a blast!

Drink every time….

  • Luthor scares you or freaks you out (a sip will calm your nerves)
  • A Nahtzie appears on screen, real or accused
  • You notice Jenny (Jennifer Connolly) looking voluptuous.  Remember this is a period piece.
  • Anyone is physically injured
  • The rocket is launched
  • You hear dated jargon.  i.e. “And I’m tellin’ you right now, if she flies the coop, it’s gonna be your fault.”


  • Drink anytime a nickname is used.

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