A Knight’s Tale Drinking Game

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While sporting some serious flaws, A Knight’s Tale carries its own with audiences, especially if they play this drinking game.  A light comedy by today’s absurd comedic standards, this flick garnered lots of attention with the 2001 MTV crowd and became a hit.  Being Ledger’s third watchable movie of his career (#1 – Ten Things I Hate About You with a dreadful looking Joseph Gordon-Levitt, #2 – The Patriot with a dreadful looking Mel Gibson), Heath brings home the bacon as William Thatcher/Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein of Gelderland.  The horrific acting job by Shannyn Sossamon nearly puts an iceburg through the hull of this ship, but quick wit (and a lot of adult beverages) saves this movie from an icy grave.

If some of you want to get your feet wet with playing the death rule, this might be a good candidate.  Plus if you play it for the first half, I guarantee that the second half becomes amazing.

Drink every time….

  • Someone says “lance”
  • You observe a pop culture reference.  (Remember, 2001….)
  • William/Sir Ulrich receives an award
  • A flashback occurs
  • Geoffrey Chaucer gives a speech… or is naked
  • You recognize that douche Adhemar is a DOUCHE


  • Drink every time someone, or something, is pierced by a lance.

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