Mrs. Doubtfire Drinking Game

Mrs. Doubtfire

"Carpe dentum. Seize the teeth."

After changing the entire world by discovering America, Christopher Columbus met up with his good buddy Juan Ponce de León to go drinking at the Fountain of Youth, shortened his first name, then directed this hugely successful 1993 comedy, second only to Jurassic Park.  With a crushing Howard Shore produced soundtrack featuring bonus tracks from Motown, Sinatra and that dooshie-doosh Steven Tyler, Mrs. Doubtfire became near and dear to many socially naive children (me).  Here are a few things that this film educated me on.  Thanks Mom!

  • Being a multi-voiced funny actor who loves his kids, hates smoking, and argues with his wife gets a job no matter how hard you crash and burn.
  • Children can have an Aunt Jack.
  • The middle finger symbol is something you do to people who try to sleep with your ex-wife.
  • Pierce Brosnan really doesn’t belong in anything except GoldenEye.
  • I’d better drink my milk to prevent Osteoporosis.

That being said, the following rules are DEADLY, if played honestly.  You’ve been warned.  (You can also just turn off this movie after the plot climax, cause the end drags on as slow as The Return of the King)

Drink every time….

  • Anyone says “Doubtfire”
  • A Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire switch occurs
  • Matilda opens her jagged-toothed mouth to speak
  • Stuart Dunmire is wronged, insulted, or hit by citrus fruit


  • Drink every time Robin Williams changes his voice.

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