Dirty Dancing Drinking Game

dirty dancing

“R.I.P. PS. Nobody puts Swayze in a coffin!” – Marahute

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers and haters out there.  No excuses for this one, you can curl up with your wench and get sloshed on red wine together, or guzzle some hefty magnum by yourself to this classic American Romantic Swayze-ganza.  This movie is so god damned good it still has its own website and it’s been 25 whole years since Baby fell into Johnny Castle’s powerful arms. (I’d highly encourage visiting the site, it’s wonderful) Powerful and memorable quotes, plus enough erotic dances to make your grandmother blush will certainly set the right mood on this seductive Tuesday evening.  I’d recommend a nice Grenache or Sangiovese to increase blood flow; if you are on a fiduciary kick, just slam some reasonably priced Chilean Concha y Toro.  (Hurrah for cheap South American labor to keep those production costs down!)

Drink every time…

  • A new song breaks out
  • You hear or repeat a Casablanca-esque famous quote
  • Someone is physically injured or emotionally upset
  • Jennifer Grey’s schnozz breaks the fourth wall and pokes you in the eyeball
  • You see proof that Baby’s sister has the intelligence of a log and dancing skills of an emu


  • Drink every time there is on-screen dancing.

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