Intervention Drinking Game

Intervention It's life or death

Or guilt-inducing and uproariously fun TV.

As my first television based drinking game, I’m probably going to hell for choosing this one.

However, if A&E can score Netflix royalty fees for documenting extreme addiction, I should be able to enjoy myself while watching it.

Can you believe we are in the midst of season 11 of this shit!?  Yes, I can.  Because addiction ain’t no joke.  It’s a terrible, sad, and depressing condition that I don’t wish on my most hated enemies.  But I don’t view addiction as an unapproachable disease, only a mental and physical quagmire that can be cured with help and personal dedication.  Therefore, I declare it legal and entertaining to drink copious amounts of alcohol and wager shots on if the poor souls actually survive and clear rehab as clean as a whistle.

Since 2005, this show has been demonstrating that the symptoms of a first world country can be quite harmful to many of it’s inhabitants.  I’d definitely rather be forced to hunt, skewer, and bleed out a wild boar to feed my indigenous family than deal with a loved one stuck in the throws of simultaneous crack, heroin, and plastic surgery addiction.  But lets face it: we all love watching this stuff when it doesn’t directly affect us.  What do you think TV is for?

The Bachelor exploits addiction to vanity.  The Biggest Loser helps contestants beat food addiction caused by incredible self esteem problems.  CSI? L&O:SVU? NCIS? COPS (awesome)? Criminal Minds? Hawaii 5-o? The Mentalist? Some people are addicted to crime enough to commit pretty much anything, so these shows never run out of material.  And we all love ’em.

Without further ado, the rules.  Mind you, if you choose to play the death rule, following a few episodes you may need an Intervention yourself.

Drink every time…

  • That bell-fueled theme song plays
  • The addict tries to escape (the camera, her family, the interventionist’s room, etc.)
  • Someone cries (once per person… lets keep this reasonable)
  • There is a flashback to a horrible past
  • The addict argues with someone
  • Anyone says “treatment”


  • Drink every time the addict participates in, or suffers from, the featured addiction.  This would include slugging booze, blowing lines, vomiting, passing out, smoking grass, playing video games.. you get the idea by now.

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