Diary of a Mets Fan – Prologue

The first entry into Esteban’s new series of articles, as he wanders into the vast expanse of major league baseball, and runs smack into the murky, gnat infested quagmire that is the New York Mets.

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Guaranteed to have the time of my life? We'll see.

I figure its time to start following baseball.  The ups and downs of lockout professional sporting has wore on me this year, though thankfully we got basketball back and the Bills gave me five weeks of bliss.  Baseball seems to last all year, and while usually it just annoys me, I’m dedicating this year (and a major part of this blog) to learn, rant, cheer, swear, and curse out the loveable but horribly inept New York Mets.

A little background:

  • Baseball is my fourth favorite sport, behind Basketball, Football, and Golf.
  • I watch enough highlights to identify about 7% of all major league baseball players, the rest just look Hispanic.
  • I’ve followed enough of the sport to know that the Mets suck.
  • I’ve been to only one MLB game, at CitiField where Phillies fans were louder than the entire stadium.
  • I haven’t seen or read Moneyball, but I did know that Costner has starred in three baseball movies.  (Chasing Dreams doesn’t count, he merely had a cameo)
  • I HATE the Baseball Tonight theme song.

All that being said, I’m confident that by the time the regular season is over:

  • I’ll be 200% more knowledgeable about the sport
  • I’ll be confident enough to curse out annoying local Red Sox fans
  • I’ll retain at least two reader Met fans (you know who you are)
  • The Mets won’t make the playoffs.

Thanks for tuning in to the Prologue.  Episode One will arguably be better than The Phantom Menace, as I’ll soon be examining mlb.mlb.com’s Mets Fantasy Preview to introduce the team and how little I know about them.  Enjoy the send off music!

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