Epic Meal Time = Sensational

"We make your dreams come true, and then we eat them."

If you haven’t heard of these guys, you live under a rock, or just don’t have access to YouTube.  Epic Meal Time is a group of wild Canadians taking the concept of a cooking show to a whole new, unbeatable level, then pile-drives it into the pavement all Mike Haggar style.

Their repertoire of episodes speak for themselves. (83 and counting)  I’d highly suggest watching a few to get the idea, and I personally recommend Fast Food Lasagna (you always remember your first), Breakfast of Booze (getting obliterated off of pancakes), and Chili Four Loko (still popular Chuck, you grimy bastard).

Ok ok, enough cross links.  Now that you are completely engrossed and amazed (for better or worse) with what these guys are doing with their lives and how they are forcing Adam Richman out of a job, what does this whole thing mean?  Is it just a pointless waste of time for measly cheap entertainment of the YouTube masses and comment culture?  I beg to argue.

You can react all you want to how terribly awful all this food is for your health, how they waste so much food that could go to starving Indonesians, how terrible America is for allowing this to happen (wait, you take that back, they are from Canada!), yadda yadda yadda.  Fact is, they bring all the elements of food, booze, war movie soundtrack themes, and fun to the table in a quick and easy to digest manner.

I don’t want to sit through half an hour of Rachel Ray saying how “delish” her fucking three bean bread crusted casserole drizzled with homemade extra virgin olive and rosemary dressing is.  Guy Fierri gets closer by showing some crazy diner food, but his spiky white hair sucks and who the fuck cares where this restaurant is.  (Don’t fret Giada, I’d watch you all day, every day if had your own network)  I DO want to watch a bunch of funny and stupid dudes pour Patron all over some tacos in homemade bacon shells.

However the best part about this whole phenomenon for me is that they just don’t care.  And that is refreshing.  Too often do we get bombarded with articles, comments, postings, etc. of people getting “offended” and not wanting to “hurt anybody’s feelings”; how we “should do something or be some way” without giving it any critical thought if we want to live by that code.  Epic Meal Time is a slap in the face to that kind of thought by overloading the neurological pathways of health nuts and the vegetarian community and breaking the 100,000 calorie barrier early and often. Why isn’t cooking an entire chicken in a pig, then wrapping it with bacon before devouring it considered art?  Nobody’s done it before and most would never consider the thought, but god damn I’d sure go to the MoMA a few more times if it had such a food exhibit.

These guys are playing characters yes.  Themselves.  I wish all interviews were this fun to watch, and this honest.

Except for Kris “Montreal Sensation” Joseph, I don’t think I’m more proud of any other Canadians.  Je vous salue!

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