A Las Vegas Excursion

What happens in Vegas stays there? BS.  Only if you are a cheating schmoozeball.  Four days of Las Vegas provides quite the opportunity for positive and negative reflection.  I was overjoyed and awestruck by the spectacle, followed by an equally large feeling of disgust and terror.  Thus follows Esteban’s saga in Sin City.

An early morning flight to a lovely Newark airport (seriously, it was nice) brought us to the extravagant Terminal D in Las Vegas, N.V.  The amazement was immediate, but we had seen nothin’ yet.  Whilst trying to find transportation to our suite at the Encore, we stumble upon a busy outside location full of taxi’s, sedan’s, limos, you name it.  We are approached by a fast talking man who hooks us up with a limo and a stop at the local watering hole to stock up on beverages on the way.  We arrive at our hotel in fifteen minutes, so fast that we underpaid our driver.  So far, this town is awesome.  Then, we walked into the Encore.

For those unfamiliar, Steve Wynn basically reinvented Las Vegas and made it what it is today: an over the top vacation spot for everyone to spend money on what they want. His marquee resort is appropriately named the Wynn; the Encore is the Wynn’s newer sister resort directly adjacent.  They are literally the best locations to stay in Las Vegas, and walking into the lobby immediately proved this point.  It was INCREDIBLE.  Red carpets, luxury ground floor pool access, exquisitely designed bars, and the Encore casino, full of slots, card tables, roulette, craps, etc.  Oh, and the lobby smelled of flowers.  The suite was equally as nice, overlooking the Wynn and the rest of the Strip.  Couldn’t beat the location!

In the words of Andrew W.K., it was then time to party. I had my first blackjack experience at Harrah’s, a slimy smoke infested super-casino, where I happened to come away with 10 american dollars of profit.  There were people everywhere, and lots of noise.  The night’s entertainment was a special viewing of Andrew at Body English in the Hard Rock Cafe, and turned out to be an amazing show.  The next day, a full walk of the strip down to the MGM Grand for day one of 311 Day didn’t disappoint, though two full days did me in after the first full set and I stumbled to a cab for home.   That’s where things started to turn.

It is said that two days is the maximum amount of time to spend in Las Vegas.  I can attest tthat fact to be utterly and completely true.  I was a wreck of a human being, unable to function, and grasping to every drop of water I could in the unforgiving dry desert air.  The problem with that?  Sunday was no different than the day before.  Indoor smoking of cigarettes filled every inch of the place, drinking and suspicious women crowded the lobby, and it was a bit distressing.  And thus Sunday illustrates a key point of Las Vegas: This place never takes a break. EVER.

You are basically allowed to do anything in Las Vegas.  We often saw folks on the street (both homeless and semi-wealthy) carrying full handles of liquor, chasing with either beers or red-bulls, depending on the socio-economic status.  In the east, it’s usually frowned upon to smoke in the presence of non-smokers, be visibly drunk in public, and try to pay for erotic satisfaction.  This is the environment I grew up in, and am used to.  Las Vegas has the complete opposite point of view, and the atmosphere reflects it everywhere you go.  This may float may people’s boats (and obviously does, considering how many god-damned people were in town), but not mine.

I had a fantastic time experiencing Vegas.  Conversely, I don’t have a desire to return anytime soon.  Had I only stayed for two days and peaced the hell out or won a couple grand on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine, it would have been just enough to bring me back to that decadence.  However, I am resigned and happy to enjoy some east coast moderation rather than complete and utter chaos in the wild wild west.

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