Hobo With a Shotgun Drinking Game

hobo with a shotgun

Remember to always re-load.

Any of you know who Ridley Scott is?  Yeah, that guy, who did Blade Runner, who did Prometheus (one of the many summer movies on my to-watch list).  He has nothing to do with this movie.  Rutger Hauer, the iconic android, stars in this horrific Canadian exploitation piece of glory, Hobo with a Shotgun.

As a slight aside, I dig these kinds of films.  To me, a gory walk down comedy lane doesn’t quite fill my heart with laughter, but gives me greater perspective, and a breath of fresh air from the more popular Hollywood machine.  Really? Battleship? TMNT by Michael Bay? Please just rip my eyes out with a wine key.

For a little background, Hobo with a Shotgun stems from a fake trailer promoting the release of Tarantino and Rodriguez’s Grindhouse, so if you liked those flicks you may get a kick out of this foray into action-horror.  I can’t say that the plot is very compelling, and I did observe blatant script rip-offs of The Dark Knight, Evil Dead, Cowboy Bebop, and Dead Alive.  That being said, the pace moves pretty quickly, and the cinematography is actually very striking and attractive.  I haven’t seen color being used so blatantly since Kazuo Miyagawa got his hands on the Ozu classic Floating Weeds.

Ok, in reality, the movie is pretty gross and disgusting.  So what better to do than drink heavily while watching it?  Keep your puke buckets handy.

Drink every time…

  • Hobo takes a drink
  • Hobo gains or loses some money
  • a new weapon is used to maim or kill someone
  • You see a “WTF!?!?” moment
  • A shotgun is fired


  • Drink every time the primary color scheme of a scene changes to a color of the rainbow.

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