The One Week Rule

the scream edvard munchWe live in fast moving times these days, and not just because the speed of time increases as you get older or that time travel research is at an all time high.  (soon, Doc Brown, soon.)  Who knows if this is the height of the Information Age, but we sure as hell are in the thick of it.  Social networks and applications litter our computers, phones, tablets, and spectacles to the point of absurdity, except we’ve adapted so it’s not absurd anymore.  Along with instant access to any piece of music, news, or answer to any question we could ever think of comes the larger question: what is this extreme advancement in technological history mean to society?

When you snag a gorgeous senorita’s number, the prevailing wisdom is that you’re supposed to wait for three days before a phone call, lest you seem clingy and over-obsessed.  But now that texting has dominated the communication landscape, you could reach out that same evening, and not make that phone call at all.  When do you become friends with this lady on the ‘book?  Do you follow her on Twitter first to make sure she’s not completely psychotic?  The rules/methods of something as simple as personal interaction are becoming more blurred and complex by the year.

But know, unfortunately this rant is not about dating.  I want to extend a point made by Scott Van Pelt of ESPN.  (I don’t have the exact quote but I’ll at least give him an effective plug) He was talking about the Ozzie Guillen story that came a few weeks back regarding his April 10 comments about Fidel Castro, and mentioned that a whole hell of a lot of people got all agitated about it, and wanted Guillen fired for his comments.  His point was: as of April 28th, does anyone care anymore?

As it turns out, some people do.  The good folks at ESPN Outside The Lines did some great investigative commentary on the topic.  I bet some Miami Cuban-Americans missed a few Heat games to speak out about their opinions on the matter.  But what percentage of Miami-ans are still cursing the fact that Guillen remains the manager?  How many are boycotting Miami games?  How many people care about this story a full three weeks after these comments? My guess is the majority of people have moved on to the next thing to get agitated about, most likely how bad the Miami Marlins suck, or maybe, how to save up for that next family vacation.

It’s very easy to get completely wrapped up and out of sorts with what is trending, merely because there is so much access to everything that’s happening in the world.  Not much slips by an ever observant society these days, but what can we do about it?  Well, it’s simple!  Just follow the One Week Rule.  Once you hear about some seemingly compelling story in the news, consider the content, then wait an entire week before passing judgement on the topic.  If after a week the topic is relevant to your dizzying intellect, more power to you.  However, I’d wager with my secret Vegas odds-maker skills that you’ll disregard 90% of everything you hear, or find out that in the long run it truly doesn’t affect your life too much.

The next time you stumble over to Google News or see a friend of yours post an article on your social network of choice, test out the One Week Rule.  You may find that what comes out of your seven day filter now supplements your life instead of consumes it.  Trust me, it will make everything that’s going on in this crazy world seem a lot more peaceful.

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