¡Three Amigos! Drinking Game

"You've killed the invisible swordsman!"

“You’ve killed the invisible swordsman!”

Cinco de Mayo has a special place reserved in my soul. There’s just something about slamming a shot glass full of tequila and sprite on a counter top with your compadres and amigos that really gets me in the celebrating mood.  Combine that with chips, guac, habeneros, cheep ass beef, in some fresh flour tortillas and you have yourself a fiesta, both in your mouth, and all around!

Remember to hoist your Dos Equis’s and Corona Extra’s to the remembrance of the Battle of Puebla, where 4,000 Mexicans held off the invading Frenchies, who’s army was more than double the size of the brave defenders.  The victory helped bring on a much needed sense of unity and patriotism for Mexico.  Amazing what a decisive victory in battle can do for morale.

With the Cinco thankfully falling on a weekend, it’s high time for an appropriately themed movie drinking game to Three Amigos.  Beware, tequila has a way of sneaking up on you.  Off to Santo Poco!

Drink every time…

  • A new song is sung
  • Someone gets shot
  • The amigos are offered a reward/luxury for their fame, bravery, or good looks
  • “El Guapo” is uttered


  • Drink every time the amigos cause confusion, to each other, or their immediate environment.

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