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Back in my youth, baseball was a popular sports topic for kids movies.  Big poofy VHS cases containing The Sandlot, Little Big League, and Angels in the Outfield come to mind.  However, this drinking game focuses on two of the most lovable teams in Major League Baseball, the New York Mets and the featured Chicago Cubs.

These movies confused me as a child, and to this day I’m still a bit hazy on the playoff system, but these movies taught a generation a lot of valuable lessons.  For example:

  • A miracle has to occur for really bad teams to turn everything around
  • Winning the divisional pennant race is equivalent to an NBA championship or a Super Bowl
  • Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez is a great friend, but a better base runner
  • Even if your miracle returns to heaven, re-injures his arm, or you lose Chet Steadman for the year, you’ll still go on to win the World Series.  (unless you get robbed by Ken Griffey Jr.)

Now the Mets sport a MONSTER of a home run hitter Alejandro “Butch” Heddo, who I wish really played for the Mets.  I feel that he could have crushed that floater pitch, but the end result is neither here nor there.  The reality I’m most curious about is why Henry is wearing a World Series champion ring when we all know that the Cubs haven’t won since 1908.

The following rules may not be the most aggressive drinking game rules you’ve ever played, but these will get you nice and tipsy through a surprisingly enjoyable film.  Plus, you have to respect a movie in which the great Daniel Stern and John Candy are cast.

Drink every time:

  • A batter gets beaned by a pitch
  • The floater pitch is used
  • Henry Rowengartner’s name is mispronounced
  • Jack Bradford dons another horrendous shirt
  • Clark or Mary get hit on, romantically (chug if it’s with each other)
  • Chet Steadman, Unbelievable.


  • Drink every time a strike is thrown.

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  1. Carl J says:

    I couldn’t have been the only one rooting for the Mariners at the end of “Little Big League”, right? Wipe that smug smile off your face Timothy Busfield, you just got robbed by THE KID! Now go home and bang the managers mother. And there’s that smile again…

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