The Wicker Man (2006) Drinking Game

The Wicker Man (2006)

“Aghhhhhh the BEES!!! THE BEES!!!!” – Nicholas Cage

Ain’t nothing like gettin’ drunk while watching awesome horror movies.  Welp, if you were looking for something awesome, you shoulda gotten the 1973 version.  This one is just straight up funny.  You just have to earn it.

After a bit of my favorite kind of search (Wikipedia), I found that this is not an original movie, but actually based on an apparently incredible cult horror classic from 1973. I immediately regretted watching this version without drinking buddies after hearing a better old horror movie was released.  Maybe a future article will highlight that one, but I have to do Evil Dead first.

Anywho, this movie doesn’t deserve a whole lotta talk, so use these rules to get through one whopper of a good unintentional comedy flick.

Drink every time…

  • Someone is hit by a bus
  • Someone is wearing a mask
  • Nicholas Cage is jumpy
  • Nicholas Cage pops pills
  • Nicholas Cage swats at or kills a bee
  • Nicholas Cage swats at or kills a woman


Drink every time Nicholas Cage makes a dumb comment.

Spoiler Alert!!

If you want to play the game in 2 minutes, power hour style, you could just go to YouTube.

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