Troy Drinking Game

troy movie poster“FOR TROY!!!”

I was a bit slammered on Victory’s Hop Wallop, finished up Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and figured I’d throw a physical DVD into my Xbox.  Deciding to craft a drinking game fueled the decision to add another epic to the growing list, I chose Homer’s classic “Troy”.  Any movie directed by a guy named Wolfgang Peterson HAS to be good, right?

Wrong.  It’s an alright flick, though I’d argue that it started the seeds of “300” with its epic cinematography and star power.  Eric Bana is a beast, Brad Pitt acts surprisingly well, Brian Cox never disappoints, and Orlando Bloom always does.  However, this flick is full of epicness, and it’s blatant absurdity and plethora of speeches make it a glorious choice for a drinking game.  Relive the past with this one, and pour one out for the gods (into your mouth).

Drink every time:

  • An Epic 1 vs. 1 battle commences
  • Achilles slings an insult
  • Someone delivers an epic speech
  • Wolfgang uses a glamor shot
  • A hero falls/is defeated


Drink every time Paris (Orlando Bloom) boasts, or is a huge wimp.

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