Dispatches from a Wannabe Stand-up 3

No matter the profession, the universe has a filter. That’s actually the wrong word. The right one is gauntlet. Like one of those Japanese extreme obstacle course shows. (Takeshi’s Castle is not extreme in the slightest but it’s funny as hell to watch.) In the real world, giant foam devil-heads, ghost-ninjas and the vine-over-water takes the form of unreturned emails, botched interviews and blatantly over-qualified competition.

To that end, I finally got myself on a list for a Stand-up open mic. And the place is closing. Talk about a foam-sword to the nuts. A lesser man would roll into the mud and throw his arms in the air as if he’d accomplished something by trying and failing. But not I. It takes more than one (three, so far) disappointing dead-ends to deter a man as tenacious as I am.

Back to google, back to searching for that comedy club willing to give me four and a half minutes to woo an audience. Stay tuned…

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James Guimaraes is a freelance writer living in New York City just like everyone else. Nothing special. Move along. Speaking of moving on, have you checked out his website?

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