Mean Guns Drinking Game

Blam blam.

Blam blam.

I think Netflix describes Mean Guns best: a “relentlessly violent crime drama that features B-movie production values, tight editing and no shortage of gunplay”. I’ll say.  This flick should have had “drinking game” written all over it.

I had no idea Ice T could act! Though seemingly resting on his laurels spending his time playing video games and trying ignoring his wife, the dude could go back to this style and I would buy that movie ticket any day.  However, the main reason this came up on the charts was from discussing Christopher Lambert (who has a role in the in-production movie Electric Slide) after a Highlander viewing.  He shoots that gun brilliantly, even if I couldn’t understand half of what he said.

Afro Samurai definitely stole a scene from this movie for its Afro-bot testing segment, and I can see why.  Great set-up, awesome action, ridiculous plot twists, and the best part: Available through Instant Watch.  Get it goin’!

Drink every time:

  • Ice T is an ‘effin gangsta’
  • Excessive revolver shots are fired
  • The blonde lady delivers a one-liner
  • That silly spanish song plays


Drink every time the use of cut-scenes are terribly abused.

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