The Usual Suspects Drinking Game

the usual suspects film poster

Yes, I know it’s surprising, but Stephen Baldwin can act.

I have my senior year RIT film studies elective to thank for a lot of things. I learnt how important an opening movie title is, that people spouting knowledge acting like they’ve watched every movie in existence by age 14 is pretty damn annoying, and college electives can and should be bad-ass. How bad-ass was this particular film class? Scheduled within the 10 weeks of the semester was a 1.5 hour discussion revolving around various cinematography concepts (framing, sound, editing, acting, effects, the fourth wall, gigantic pacific-rimjobbing robots, etc) followed by a required screening of a movie that demonstrated the week’s theme. The Usual Suspects was shown to illustrate great storytelling in a plot, and I tell you what, if you’ve never seen this movie before, I want to switch brains with you. Do yourself a favor, grab a box o’ wine or your favorite bottle of rye, and watch this classic.

Drink every time…

  • Present day transitions to the past, and vice versa
  • A cop either verbally or physically abuses a suspect/interrogateé
  • Anyone says “Keyser Söze”
  • Stephen Baldwin loses his cool, or looks dumb
  • you see blood


Drink every time someone is physically injured.

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