Behind the Candelabra Drinking Game

behind the candelabra movie posterHello again, it’s been too long.

I had heard a lot about this film a while ago from comedian Joey “CoCo” Diaz’s high praise of the efforts by Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in this acting driven, Steven Soderburgh drama. I was reminded again of Behind the Candelabra during the Emmy awards, where I found out that this movie actually was never released in theaters in America due to its adult content. (by the way, I can think of countless movies with more graphic, vulgar subject material than in Behind the Candelabra. I guess “the American Public” isn’t ready to watch two dudes chang in bed on the big screen yet) I’m very glad I gave it a shot, because Douglas and Damon act brilliantly.

I also didn’t know anything about Liberace or how absolutely bad ass he was at playing the ivory keys. Sick nasty!

The plot doesn’t really lend itself to aggressive consumption, unless you opt to drink champagne, in which case I salute you for choosing the correct adult beverage. Te salud!

Drink every time…

  • Someone in the crowd shouts “Hey!” during a song
  • Liberace plays a new song, or one is played from the soundtrack
  • Anyone says “Liberace”
  • Champagne is sipped, or poured


Drink every time you see more than one lit candle on-screen.

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