The Nightmare Before Christmas Drinking Game

Oh there’s a drunkard inside of these bones…

In my family, I’m the person that’s the hardest to shop for. Don’t know what it is. But there’s just one every 4-5 years that my family will find out that I like and abuse. Between the years of 10-15, that one thing was “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Gift list:

  • Jack Skellington Tie
  • Jack Skellington Shower Curtain
  • Jack Skellington Yatzee Game
  • Jack Skellington T-Shirt
  • 2 Copies of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” DVD

Sally wasn’t really a major character in the movie and thus I guess she wasn’t really a major source for gift purchasing.

The movie masterfully put together by Tim Burton’s neon driven imagination and hundreds of stop motion animator hands (which I’m sure have worked on his subsequent films of the same vein; “Corpse Bride”, “Caroline” “Coraline”, “Batman”)  Danny Elfman absolutely kills it on the soundtrack which can’t be ignored in these drinking game rules, especially when sometimes it’s played to lull my sister to sleep on her air mattress in CT.

Enjoy this special holiday (Halloween or Christmas? You be the judge) edition of a long overdue movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Drink every time…

  • worlds are changed
  • Jack is confused
  • the Mayor of Halloween Town rotates his head
  • the movie switches themes from Halloween to Christmas, and vice versa

Death Rule

Drink every time someone says, “Christmas”

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