Robin Hood (1973) Drinking Game

Oo De Lally, Oo De Lally, Gulp Gulp Gulp.

Happy Prohibition Repeal Day, folks! What a prime time to describe an undiscovered treasure to you, the 1973 release of Disney’s 21st animated film Robin Hood.

“What the hell are you smoking Esteban?!”, you might be asking. “The seventies blew, and there’s at least one better Robin Hood movie out there, that one with Morgan Freeman slicing up Englishman with a humongous scimitar.”

Yes, you’re right, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is a far superior movie, one that really works when you want a darker perspective of the story, or just want to take a nap. But if you want to get wasted and be shocked at surprisingly character development, catchy tooth whistling, highs, lows, and tonnes of rule enforcement, it’s your lucky day. Fire up your stolen Netflix account and get after it on this glorious Thirsty Thursday.

 Drink Every Time…

  • A new song is played
  • A character puts on a new disguise
  • Prince John laughs in any capacity
  • Thumb sucking occurs
  • Sir Hiss gets abused (verbally, physically, et. al.)

DEATH RULE for Disney fanatics

  • Drink every time you see a repeated animation, and give out double if you can name the movie the repeat is from.


  • Drink every time someone says “Oh De Lally”.


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