Gladiator Drinking Game

Yesterday morning I woke to a continuous loop of music thudding through my brain, and I wasn’t sad about it. In fact, I quickly realized that this particular Saturday was going to be awesome, because I was going to watch the Best Picture from 2000, Ridley Scott’s Gladiator.

Some dear friends lent me their help in developing these rules, and they contributed mightily to the final product. The difficulty level is high on this one, yet there are times to breathe/chug water to catch up. Plus, it’s always a joy to watch an older epic that isn’t marred by the overuse of CG. Just don’t watch the director’s commentary, unless you want to fall into the deepest sleep you’ve ever had.

Drink every time:

  • Someone says Maximus
  • Maximus grumbles
  • Maximus shows an environmental connection
  • Commodus has icky thoughts
  • You see or hear themes of spirituality

Death Rule

Drink every time someone endures a flesh wound.

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