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It’s with a heavy heart and a late posting that I mourn the passing of Thomas Leo Clancy, author of two of the longest books I’ve ever read (Rainbow Six and The Bear and the Dragon) and of the subject of this drinking game, his first published novel: The Hunt for Red October.

Now a quick paragraph of my main man Tom. He helped catapult my interest not in just reading complex espionage stories and how government and their agencies should be run, but also in video games, with Rainbow Six for Nintendo 64, a top notch game on its own. His spin off games of Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell need no explanation, yet the video games understate how masterful his writing was. With each read chapter, you can sense the extraordinary research and dedication to the subject matter. It’s no wonder that movies based on his works are so god damned impressive and watchable.

Thus, to memorialize the spirit of a fantastic and memorable writer, I present a drinking game of epic proportions, guaranteed to have you falling out of your chair cheering for America while chugging your Busch heavies.

Drink every time:

  • Location based subtitles appear on screen
  • You see or hear the name of a ship
  • Someone receives a new printout
  • Anyone says “Ryan”, “Jack”, or “seaman”
  • Alec Baldwin, Unbelievable

Death Rule

Drink every time a Sound Navigation and Ranging (SONAR) machine blips.

Bonus Ball

If you name a unique movie that one of the other actors in this film appear in, give a drink.

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  1. Eve Hunt says:

    “Nowadays with enough time and patience, most any game can be waded through.”” HE SAID WHILE RUNNING A DARK SOULS CLIP. That had to be intentional trolling, right? Telling people who can’t beat Souls games that they suck and just need to “”git gud””?

    EDIT: actually now that I look again it’s that samurai Souls clone from Koei-Tecmo. Oh well. I haven’t played it yet, but I’m guessing they copied the dificulty along with everything else, so the point still stands.

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