Hercules (1997) Drinking Game

hercules movie poster

Two Words: Megaera is the Sh*t.

One of the most underrated of Disney’s 90’s revolutionary animated flicks, Hercules is a strong contender for the Disney movie I could always watch. Pre-Shrek, it caters to young and old starting with smart mythological references inserted cleverly throughout the movie and ending with sophomoric dumb henchmen Pain and Panic filling out the lower level humor for the ‘yutes’.

One rant: I don’t thinkĀ Megaera should have wound up with Hercules. If we’re true to life, that sardonic lovely broken girl could never be wooed by a meathead romantic (the very type that broke her in have first place based solely off the wispy image given in Hades recant of the tale). It’s fine that they wound up together but in reality… Hercules softens her up with his innocence and she finds a mid level executive that can buy her a Saab and a nice pair of sandals every summer. Rant over.

Drink Every Time:

  • Pain and Panic morph in or out
  • The muses have some narration or song
  • Phil is angry, perverted, reminiscent or yelling
  • You notice Hercules has weird ears, feet, or knees
  • Pegasus makes you laugh

Death Rule:

Drink any time Greek/Roman culture is shown or referenced.

Have fun…hopefully you’ll have three heads like that wonderful mutt Ceberus after watching this fun, clever and under-appreciated film.

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