I went off the reservation with batch number 6, beginning to craft my own recipes instead of trying to follow those posted by others, and also switching recipe detail records from digital to analog. CTDR is my first attempt at a true high gravity, super hoppy Imperial IPA. The “Vermont” IPA and double IPA styles currently exploding in the area was something that I wanted to avoid (go figure).

Instead of a golden, slightly hazy and citrus-y hop bomb inspired by Sip of Sunshine, Heady Topper, or a Foley Brothers Fair Maiden, I wanted to make a beer that was dark and violent, using Crystal 60L malt and light DME and LME with lots of CTZ and Chinook hops for an SRM of 11.65 and an IBU of 95.5.

I finished the 3.5 gallon boil with Cascade and used two Wyeast #1056 American Ale smack packs which resulted in near immediate development of krausen and subsequent fermenter overflow. I gave the beast a full 10 days to ferment and transferred it to glass, where it will stay until a scheduled bottling day on 9/10.

With an anticipated ABV of over 8%, I wanted to give CTDR some aggressive aging for a more complex taste. I’ll christen this beer in late September/early October with some friends for an aggressive new movie drinking game, preferably one about imperial conquest.


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