Elf Drinking Game

elf movie poster

Elf is the gift that keeps on giving. The prospect of re-watching this film every Christmas gives me pause, because I tell myself I know exactly how the movie goes and why should I bother? Well, sometimes it’s good to bother. Hilarious lines emerged from nowhere and Elf emphatically made its mark to be included in the re-watched x-mas movies in this family. And what would make it even better? Getting jacked up on White House Egg Nog with the following drinking game rules!

Drink every time:

  • Anyone says “Buddy” or “Christmas”
  • A size difference becomes a problem
  • Buddy displays elf-like behavior
  • Someone sings
  • Favreau shoots an homage to another work of film

Death Rule

Drink every time someone says “Santa”.

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