Monday Eve II

It was a sweaty game of Trivial Pursuit.

It was a sweaty game of Trivial Pursuit.

Ahhh, Belgian beers. After reading Stan Hieronymus’s fantastic tome Brew Like a Monk, I was super-pumped to retry my Belgian Golden Strong Ale, created to be consumed at the Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones. Armed with superior knowledge of how to handle Belgian yeasts and additional alcohol boosting sugars, I dove headfirst into the ester sea of fruity-sweet delight.

My recipe remained mostly the same: Pilsner malts and LME, light DME, but I replaced corn sugar with dark candi sugar (rocks). The Trappists use pure candi syrup and perhaps the third attempt will as well, if I can get something worthy. However, since I ordered a pound of sugar rocks before I knew that fact, for now the rocks will do. Hops and yeast are the same as before, Saaz and Styrian Golding, and a 2 liter starter of Wyeast #1386 Belgian Strong Ale yeast.

Since this was brewed in the cold March months of Vermont, I placed the fermenter directly in front of the primary heat source of our rental abode, which kept the fermentation temperature at a minimum of 70 degrees, a vast improvement in stability from the last brew. The results of this action were stunning: An orange peel aroma and orange-y ester flavor dominate the tasting experience, supported by a thick and hefty mouthfeel. The beer is quite effervescent with a persistent, frothy head, which are welcome side effects. Final statistics: OG 1.072, FG 1.012, 34 IBU’s, 23.63 SRM, and 8% ABV.

In summary, Monday Eve II has been a wonderful companion to the magnificent run of Game of Thrones Season 6 episodes, transporting the brain into the most tempestuous, violent, and compelling visual experience HBO can provide. I only hope it’s not all gone before the grand finale.

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