Butternut Squash Me, Bro

Clean fermentation, dirty glass.

Clean fermentation, dirty glass.

My brother is a wonderful person. I saw far too little of him this past summer, being a lake apart. However, I was overjoyed when he expressed interest in brewing a collaboration before venturing off south for the fallwinterspring. I let him pick whatever style he wanted for my 30th batch of beer, to which he responded:

“A bûtternût sqûâsh sâîsôn!”

So that’s what we made.

Marahute generously went to the supply store to pick up LME, Maris Otter Pale, Crystal 60L malt and torrified wheat, along with Northern Brewer and Glacier hops. The target was a 4.8% ABV 32 IBU spiced squash ale fermented with French Saison yeast. I balked a bit when he tossed the yet-to-be roasted squash in olive oil before adding to the boil, but that’s what spontaneous experimentation is all about, right? Solid amounts of nutmeg and cinnamon were also added to the boil with pinches of ground coriander and clove.

The highly attenuative yeast did its work wonderfully, fermenting the wort all the way down to 1.008 (2 Plato) from 1.053 (13 Plato), producing a brilliantly clear, balanced, aromatic, yet slightly funky taste that has to be described as a glorious success. If you know my parents and have access to their mudroom, 12+ 22oz bottles still remain for the taking. Just make sure to leave some for my bro, who still hasn’t tried it yet.

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