Farmer’s Daughter-ish Saison clone

We had some friends over for a nice Saturday summer grilling session about a month ago, and one of them loves saisons. “Oh really?” I said, “I’d love to make you one! What’s your favorite?” She smartly replied with the Alchemist’s Farmer’s Daughter, but with more citrus. So I attempted a clone with orange zest added.

100% Wyermann’s Pilsner malt, the zest of one orange, Saaz hops for boiling and whirlpool, and a two liter starter of Wyeast #3522 Belgian Ardennes yeast. This son of a bitch exploded with fermentative vigor, getting down to 1.017 from a starting gravity of 1.079, resulting in a boozy-when-warm beer at 8.14% ABV.

Initial mash temp started lower than targeted at 148F, which favored beta-amylase action and encourages a more fermentable beer. I added boiling water to bring the mash temperature up to 155F to get those alpha-amylase enzymes rolling strong.

Great feedback on this guy. Extremely subtle orange citrus flavor, with just enough saison funk and a punchy ABV to get you where you need to go.


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