Bar Golf


golf ball grolshGolf must be nearly as old as the game of golf itself.  Imagine a bunch of 15th century Scotsmen wandering the streets of St. Andrews after thwacking a leather ball with sticks, mimicking their newly invented game at the pubs by challenging each other with bigger and better drinking challenges until dawn.

In the spirit of the ancient Scottish folk, I propose a simple set of rules, meant to be expanded, interpreted, debated, and flexible enough to play in any city or region containing 9+ drinking establishments.

  • Teams should consist of one score-keeper/referee and up to a foursome of competitors. If bars are farther than walking distance apart, get the team a sober caddy.
  • Each golfer (drinker) starts off with a Double Bogey (+2) at each hole (pub).
  • Each golfer has one, and only one, opportunity to order drinks at each hole.
  • 15-20 minute time limit at each establishment, exact time determined and kept track of by scorekeeper.
  • All disputes can be fielded and judged upon by the score-keeper, who has final say over rulings of drink value, out of bounds, water hazards, and the like.

Drink Scoring:

  • Beer <= 7.0% APV  = 1 stroke off your score (Bogey)
  • Mixed shot = 1 stroke off your score
  • Beer > 7.1% APV = 2 strokes off your score (Par)
  • Mixed drink = 2 strokes off your score
  • Straight shot = 2 strokes off your score

Like the PGA Tour, you can probably anticipate some very low scores depending on how experienced your mates are.

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